Crystal Earth Rocks On

This school is dedicated to crystal enthusiasts, Reiki Masters, and all people wanting to raise their vibration while here on Earth. We will be offering a wide range of classes in the near future ranging from crystal healing, working with angels, energy healing, Reiki, and raising one's vibration. We will also delve into the dark side include how to deflect negative energy, getting rid of negative attachments and entities, and breaking generational curses.

Crystal Psychic Protection 1 is Available NOW as a Free Course

Wow hoo. Crystal Psychic Protection is up and running (finally!). It has been a long haul to get it ready and finished. Some of the lessons still need refinement (ahem. Lots of editing would be more like it) but I am happy that it is finished and hopeful that students get something out of it. ...


Crystal Earth School is Live! Let the Fun Begin

Wow, we are live! After teaching for many, many years on another semi-free website, we have finally moved over to Teachable. So happy about the move! And hope it works as smoothly as it seems to. Crystal Earth School is all about healing crystals and how to use in one's daily life. The classes...